Terms of Service

1. I will only continue your drawing once I receive 50% the payment after I sent you a rough sketch. It will lock your position in the wait-list and allow me to continue your illustration.

2. Payment is only possible through Paypal.

3. When I send you the rough sketch it is your last chance to request minor edits and suggestions without charge.

4. When commissioning me, you are purchasing a license to use my artwork under my conditions for non-commercial purposes. This means you are not allowed to sell, use it as merch, promotion, marketing or any other commercial activity. I reserve all rights to revoke your license.

5. I reserve all rights to the image. No plagiarizing, copying, disturbing, editing, or profiting off the image. The image can be reused, edited, displayed or re-purposed in any manner as seen fit by me.

6. After work has begun I can’t give any refunds.

7. I retain all right to reject commissions.

8. I have the artistic freedom to draw in my own style.

9. You have the right to postpone my post of the illustration up to 3 months. If your commission should be a present or anything else that shouldn’t be showed until a due date for example to surprise someone please tell me (you don’t have to tell me why, I don’t have any right to know why you want me to postpone the post).

10. Major changes such as entire outfits, poses, background elements, or great color changes will require a revision fee based on the time it takes.

11. WIPs will always be sent when I think it is necessary since it doesn’t make sense to give you WIPs when there are no major changes. This happens automatically. There is mostly a WIP after 2-5 hours of work on the illustration.

12. If you have any troubles with payment, notify me.

13. The second half has to be paid after the illustration is finished and I sent you a low quality image. After I received the payment you get the 4k resolution illustration, one with watermark the other without.

14. The illustration without watermark is only for personal use. You can not post it anywhere on the internet. You can use it as a wallpaper or print it to hang it in your room. The one with the watermark can be used on the internet as long it doesn’t hurt the other rules.

15. Every commission that goes over 80 euros can be paid in half upfront and half after the commission is done.