Switched. A game that tested the whole teams patience. So far, this project was the one with the biggest learning effect. At the beginning we had some troubles as the group consisted of artists only. But even with our little programming skills, we wanted to realize this game as we had a unique and funny idea! Fortunately after a few days we eventually had a programmer join us.


About the game
The game is built as a visual novel and consists of a  mix of 2D and 3D. When you start a conversation, the art style switches, which makes the game unique. The story is about a boy that is bullied and envies women because in his eyes for them everything is easier. One day his wish to become a woman comes true. Now he has to survive school, home and other places while randomly shifting gender. He has to find out why this keeps happening. 

My job in the team: I worked as the 3D Lead artist. 

Dialog 1
Dialog 4 (1)